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Dear Sai Children, This Saibaba website has few Shirdi Saibaba photos and Saibaba Articles , after reading my love for Dhuni and greatness of Sacred fire , I request you to come to main Shirdi Saibaba Temple of humanity 

Sai Sai Sai When you say Sai Sai Sai whole heartedly imagining Shirdi Sai baba sitting near his Dhuni ( sacred fire ) in the Dwarakamai of your heart, all your senses and sins or present and past birth will be offered in to the holy fire created by our Mighty sweet Saint Shirdi saibaba. Your pains , desires, pleasures, needs, sorrows, possession , wealth, fame, caste, creed, religion , bonds of the world everything is offered in this divine fire of Sai.

Sai Sai Sai When you say Sai Sai Sai whole heartedly imagining Shirdi Sai baba sitting near his Dhuni ( sacred fire ) in the Dwarakamai of your heart, all your senses and sins or present and past birth will be offered in to the holy fire created by our Mighty sweet Saint Shirdi saibaba. Your pains , desires, pleasures, needs, sorrows, possession , wealth, fame, caste, creed, religion , bonds of the world everything is offered in this divine fire of Sai.

Shirdi Saibaba hooked me to his path of light :

It was 1993 when i first entered into shirdi saibaba temple in my hometown for first time. Little did i know that this saint made of white marble is going to hook me from the bottom of my heart, my actions, speech and every moment of my life in the next few years. Those days as a little boy, i used to get a candle for 50 paise and light it saying baba please lemme pass in exams..I hate studies when i was in school especially exam fear was more and feared i will surely fail as i wont study untill last moment. So shirdi saibaba took the burden to help me in my studies from my 9th grade.

My journey with Sai started with this Innocent connection :

It was this a innocent connection with Sri Sai that grew gradually into a connection that is like flesh and blood .Sai always says Break the wall between you and me our wall is the desires, unwanted needs, ego,anger and few qualities like this if we break all these things, the wall between Us and our Sai will be broken and we can live with ever eternal feeling that Shirdi sai baba is in our own heart..

The pains i faced during college days :

When i was in college i hardly had time for fun. I was very sincere and could always be found doing something or other. I was a bit religious and had little friends. I used to go to saibaba temple every thursday. The year i remember most was 1998 when i had some pains in relationship issues. I used to ask sai for a hint and imagine myself like fool silly things that sai has given hints but nothing will happen in reality.

The worst pain started and Gradually i depended more on Sai :

After my graduation, i tried to find a career for myself. I was into creative field.I had several setbacks and cant bear why i am not like what i wanted to be. Being too soft to accept failure after failure for years my mind naturally went behind Gods- temples and prayers.

It was in the year 2001, when i had worst disappointments in my career that my mother asked me to light lamps in temple I used to light lamps to Goddess Durga from 1999 every sunday.It was a big temple where there will be more aunties and old women around me and i will be the only GUY to light lamp.I felt a bit shy but then my love for goddess has always made me continue to do it.

Few experiences in late 2004 - Final pull to the holy feets of shirdi sai baba : 

The series of failures i had led me to worst possible depression. I came back to my hometown and did some freelancing works. It was during this time that i again had some relationship pains and cant bear the pain in me. I prayed sai to show me a way out.

Visions are dreams are only means - the reality is what we do based on Gods message to us :

I always used to tell people about the vision i got on november 11th and 19th 2004. It was like i sensed Natural disaster might happen and also i saw a little girl in white frok running into my room but no one was there when i searched for her. MY mom later said it might be the Goddess as she remains her devotees about the offerings they forget.

Now a days people are too proud of dreams n visions stuff It all has become a matter of ego n so commercial in nature. I firmly believe it was not the vision sai gave me but How i reacted to the vision that made me what i am today.

I kept on thinking for a week in depressed state of mind..Why should a disaster come and why should i know about it. Gradually by end of december i myself assumed May be shirdi saibaba says theres no Humanity ( dharma ) in this mordern days.People are not concerned about others welfare and becoming more n more selfish and doing many sins. So God fear is also reducing Attimes nature has to do its work because nature has its dharma.Its Law of nature to do its duty. Saints does has powers to change the work n time and place of natural disasters but there must be Humanity on earth. Otherwise Saints will let go as they also have to accept the Laws of Nature.

I decided to do something that helps others learn the truth. The truth that its not enough if we go to temple, church ,mosque or any religious place ,do prayers, donate for formality and come back We have to Practice a good helping heart sometimes people say they donated money for poor feeding but they wont do timely help for people in desperate need. I mean their own friends or relatives. So this proves they have not practiced the art of giving

I realized over the years that only when we help others ,our past bad karma will be washed away and Gods blessings will reach us.

The birth of StarSai - giving alone can change your life.

Based on all above experiences , i decided to spread few good messages of humanity to shirdi saibaba devotees and everyone generally. Sai has made me do it.So its Sai leela that i registered on december 3rd week I printed a poster with shirdi saibaba photo quoted

Give food to the hungry, water to the thirsty and clothes to the naked then God will be pleased shirdi sai baba

Coming around Dhuni hundreds of thousands of times everyday and dedicating prayers to Goddess of Nature :

I thought how to give this poster to all sai devotees who comes to temple so i decided to come around the dhuni in the saibaba temple in my home town Dhuni in many temples wont have chanced as in we can come around but in this temple we can come around quickly

I used to come around dhuni for several hours 4- 5 hours from december 25th 2004 .I started giving the saibaba poster to few devotees . The next day was december 26th 2004 when tsunami happened in south asia..i was too shocked and depressed .Many people who got the poster from me from that day were surprised as it matched that situation. many lost home, had no food, clothes etc.

It motivated me because deep inside my heart i clearly realized Sai has made me do all this for a reason.I realized even God wont stop a natures work because nature has its own law we can say scientific reasons too. But i felt Shirdi saibaba wants me to come around dhuni and dedicate it to Nature goddess - Earth, air, fire,water and space -

The real shirdi saibaba temple is your own heart as sai is Antarvasini - the one who lives in our mind

First let me clarify am not in shirdi and am not writing about temple or dhuni in dwarakamai. My experiences are in my hometown and i wish only to say this much as i feel now a days all saibaba temples has got commercial. People only see what they can Gain from sai instead of really serving saibaba devotees not at all concerned about that because all temples have become like this not only saibaba temples .

My little works for shirdi saibaba is for welfare of Sai devotees with pure heart :

The websites i made and little works i do for sai are always for welfare of shirdi saibaba devotees and this purticular site is especially to help sai devotees learn the holyness, power and sacredness of our mighty saint saibaba Dhuni. My intention is not at all to hurt anyone but to say the reality as it is. We have to pray and be devoted to Sai in our own way with pure heart and not worry about how the world works. Good people wont gather crowd. They will be calm and surely Sai will unite good souls and make use of them for few good purposes Thats my personal feeling.

Shirdi Saibaba created dhuni during his life time and has always maintained it. Sai has never left it to uncared. Infact before sai started habit of collecting money as Dakshina, sai used to collect Used match sticks from devotees and kept in his pocket. He used to drop it in dhuni and made sure it always burns

i shall continue with my experience now

What it takes to come around Sacred fire created by Shirdi Saibaba:

I used to come around dhuni for hours from that day every evening for months togather People have laughed at me.some sai devotees get angry as i will forget that i had already given them the photo and some in temple dint liked me as now a days truth wont be recogonized.I cant go n say all that am coming around dhuni for a good cause and i wont say because world wont understand it. There are days i have cried everyday i used to apply oil in my legs as the heat in sacred dhuni sometimes enters all body. My Mother used to scold me why i am always near dhuni and hurting my health like this I never listened to babas grace i got parents who understood my love for Shirdi saibaba. So they let me do it though they were worried i am leaving my career n always behind sai sai sai 

Learning shirdi saibabas ways :

The day i write this article on FEB 23rd 2008 , i feel baba has put me in school. from 2004 i had been in this school of my sweet sai as sai used to ask his devotees during his life time to go to Radhakrishamais hut..sai calls in shaala school..

School means sufferings..bearing it disappointments in everything i did personal life or career pains..hurted - being insulted . failures and more failures This according to sai is school because I have to hold on to saibabas holy feets no matter what happens or how much i suffer .Its been 4 years and i feel am still in school as of 23rd feb 2008..Not sure what happens to my life when u read this article..

It was Jan 16th 2005 when i met My guru Nanjundan sir.That night i again had God sensation and realized how powerful Sai ways are . he blessed me n helped me more to travel in saibabas path.He is a good servant of shirdi saibaba and helped many realize truth.

The year 2005 to march 2006 is unforgettable in my life as all the days were filled with coming around dhuni for hours learning few ways of shirdi saibaba through the hardships i faced and also through few people i met.

I was in mumbai for few months and again returned. This time i was sure not to come around dhuni. I really cant stop myself so started it again . The temple authorities also were acting very strange. There was a good rule that no one must give saibaba photos to any devotees without permission. I never bothered all these rules. If i found someone in pain, my heart says make them feel saibabas presence. so immediately i will give them saibaba photo and ask them to light lamps regularly as it will do good to them.

No one can stop me from doing little good deeds as much as i can. I am very soft and sensitive but my love for Shirdi Sai baba and Saibaba little assurances to me through dream visions are the force that motivates me to continue doing what i love to do the most.

Sometimes i feel painful thinking about my career and personal life Other times i feel atleast i have not wasted my time At 29 when most men have made a life of their own , i have done things that people wont have time to do. I am not a Guru or a real servant of sai as i also live with desires But i love to call myself as servant of shirdi saibaba because it helps me remember that no matter what i get in life this little works i do for Sai can be the greatest thing life can give me

I am still in school i am learning little good things about sweet saint Shirdi Saibaba ways ..Someday i will make babas expectation from me into reality Am sure Sai will help me to do it. I dont want to share many other things i have experienced as i still have to prove myself and be in a state to make my real goals come true. At present i am a ordinary Little humble servant of shirdi saibaba and i shall close hear. 

I have not explained fully about the power of Dhuni - the sacred fire of sai 

Thousands comes to saibaba temple at my home town and offer coconuts into the dhuni the usual conversation between devotees will be

If you offer coconuts or sticks inside this dhuni, sai will fulfill your wishes

probably true in their sense but to me Dhuni is not just a Wish fulfilling tree Its this dhuni of my sweet sai that saved me from worst situations It dint gave me money or this n that that people expect from sai usually But it helped me learn Ways of sri sai Nobody can learn this saint You know.Sai is so powerful and mighty..At the same time he is so sweet and affectionate. His love can`t be compared to love of other people. His love for me has always hooked me at his holy feets and i wish to remain there forever and ever

Venkat Raman 23 :02: 2008 Always in the holy feets of shirdi saibaba

More information in Our Shirdi Saibaba main site

Contact venkat i will reply when i have time. Mostly i ask sai devotees in pain to chant sai sai sai , do little good deeds and light lamps regularly at home and temple

More to come

Constructing and maintaining a good Dhuni in saibaba temple

Shirdi saibaba loves dhuni so much that when ever a saibaba temple is constructed , one must maintain a good dhuni in it. Even in few temples where dhuni is not maintained properly, sai has appeared in dream and asked them to have a dhuni. If due to circumstances if you are not able to have dhuni , please do not worry but try your maximum to maintain a good dhuni in temple

Since fire is involved and sai devotees does offers to the dhuni , one must take proper care in constructing and maintaining a dhuni.

The following points can be remembered to construct and maintain a Dhuni :

1.Make sure its spacious because as the temples popularity grows , many devotees might wish to offer dry coconuts, small wooden sticks,holy powers etc. So construct it in a safe place. Make sure the building has proper ventilation, exhaust fans.The bricks used to build dhuni are specifically made to withstand heat.The tank constructed below dhuni must also be spacious because the person who takes out the holy ashes will have to face breathing problems if its too conjested.

Keep in mind that a person who works to clean dhuni is doing a highly important work in saibaba kingdom

I respect this person who cleans dhuni, takes out the holy ash with standing the fire, digs the dhuni, filters the holy ash so that we get nicely powdered ash. I think now a days machines can do it but in the temple i go regularly, they do it manually .

This person works so hard with pure devotion on Sai but so many scold him to get work done .So me and my friends used to help in to work and also give him money as much as we can afford as Baba gift to him. This we do personally apart from the low salary the temple pays him.Now a days people think only temples founder,trustees,Bhajan singers, rich devotees who donate lots of money and big authorities are doing baba service. Can these people sit near fire and take out the holy ash which is considered as Baba important prasad ? .So lets always remember everyone are serving baba in his or her own ways. 2. Have a good door in one side of dhuni to drop the big wooden logs by temple staff. Have a small opening for the devotees to drop offerings like ghee,small sticks, honey etc.Most of the temples restrict devotees to offer into dhuni because of various safety reasons but the worst reason being there are so many devotees that dhuni is too small to accept all offerings. Try your maximum to help devotees do offerings to fire God on their own.

3.When sai devotees comes in hundreds and thousands on thursdays , its better to have someone to stand near dhuni in a safe distance just to request devotees to drop their offerings in another vessel as more offerings might increase the fire.

4.When big wooden logs are dropped inside dhuni , please take care that it wont forcely hit the walls and floor of dhuni. Many times i had felt painful looking at the broken bricks. what ever we do for sai, lets do it with pure devotion and care.

5.Always have someone any good sai devotee, security or manager of temple to look at the dhuni once in few hours to make sure its burning ..its not necessary that fire must be there always. Even if the heated red materials are there , its enough. If the fire is burning always also its not good for dhuni.Some devotees used to complain the priest at time that fire is not burning. I tell them Baba will take care and the red heated materials are enough.When we drop new dry woods or coconuts in few hours it will start to burn. If the fire is burning 24 hours, the priest cant bear the heat as he is the person who will be in temples dwarakamai forever.

Shirdi Saibaba Love for Dhuni :

As a person who has come around dhuni in sai temple at my hometown, i have seen what are the basic needs to maintain a good dhuni. First of all let us remember when saibaba lived , he has maintained a dhuni on his own. Sometimes Radhakrishnamai used to take the vessel over which dhuni is kept out side dwarakamai to clean and white wash it. I have read it in some saibabas book.

Saibabas painstaking effort to maintain the sacred fire must be taken as inspiration

Saibaba has let the fire burn 24 hours for over 60 years during his stay in dwarakamai of shirdi. Now a days we can make mordern ways to easily maintain a dhuni but we must take inspiration and determination of our baba who single handedly maintained a fire place to burn for over 60 years. Personally , think about it. Can you make a small fire place in your garden and maintain it forever. Its not a easy task friends. One has to be alert as the fire burning must not grow high, the fire must never be put off due to rain water and devotees who comes to see baba must not get hurt. All these things were taken care by Sai. One can say Shirdi sai is a saint who can control 5 elements of nature. so it would have been easy for him to maintain a dhuni .

What ever way we see it, Saibaba s greatest teaching to us is If you have a good habit and principle and if you believe in something good for yourself and others stick to it for rest of your life just as Saibaba has always let the fire burn in his beautiful dwarakamai and maintained it with lots of efforts.

Power of sacred fire Udi The holy ash taken from saibaba dhuni :

Theres a very beautiful description in shri sai satcharita Hamadpant describes baba standing in the corner of our dwarakamai after the afternoon arati and distributing handful of Udi ( holy ash ) to his devotees . Baba gives udi with kind , affectionate, smiling face. Cheerfully baba says go have your lunch now ..To each devotee Baba gives udi with love and sends them to have good time.

It will be great if the priests in temples also offers udi and prasad with such pleasing mood. Anyway, Udi is so sacred. It reminds us Non- attachment because all that we desire , all the materialistic things including attachment towards our dear ones are one day going to be turned to Ash. So by giving udi baba asks us to me desireless . On the other hand, the sacred udi from Babas dwarakamai or any shirdi saibaba temple is very powerful. If we have it with pure faith and patience, sai will fulfill our desires both materialistic and spiritual. What matters is pure love on Sai, caurage and lots of patience.

A person like me at 29 in year 2008 , serving baba in my own ways for over 4 years can easily get depressed and dejected that nothing happens and why sai is not helping me. The good part is , atleast i am in Shirdi Saibabas fold and sai has given me a nice opportunity to use this time to help few good souls by leading them in shirdi saibabas path of light. I hope this ashirwad of good hearted shirdi saibaba devotees and my parents good heart to allow me serve sai irrespective of several problems in our family will someday make me someone 

let the dhuni of shirdi saibaba be in our heart and burn all our unwanted desires, Ego, lust, jealousy, anger, fear and all bad qualities and make us pure. Yes. in true sense, Shirdi Saibabas sacred fire is in our own mind.