Sai Parivar Vishwa Seva Sansthan Trust

Social Activities

As per WHO report, India has a long way to go in providing public health & community services around the world. Poverty, illiteracy & poor hygiene has been the roadblocks in providing adequate health care services to the economically backward sections of the society in India. SAI PARIVAR VISHWA SEVA SANSTHAN TRUST as part of its mission to serve societies & communities better, conducts the following camps on a mass level as mentioned below: –

First Aid Camps With RED Cross Society

SAI PARIVAR VISHWA SEVA SANSTHAN TRUST have organized First Aid Medical Camps association with Red Cross Society in Jamshedpur city and its suburban area during the eve of the Durga Puja Festival October 2015.

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Health Care And Cardiac Camps

Heart disease in India has assumed alarming proportions with the average Indian male being three to four times more likely to have a heart attack than his Western counterparts. Expressing concern over growing cardiac diseases, SAI PARIVAR VISHWA SEVA SANSTHAN TRUST have organized two days Health Care and Cardiac screening camp as a part of its Community Outreach Program.

This is a step towards their attempt to spread awareness about preventive cardiology.

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Eye Check Up And Cataract Surgery

As a part of SAI PARIVAR VISHWA SEVA SANSTHAN TRUST dedicated efforts to eradicate needless blindless & to provide dental care we conduct free annualcamp in Jamshedpur and surrounding rural areas since 2007. The people residing in villages face extreme poverty & lack access to basic healthcare facilities. We screen several patients for cataract during the camp. There has been a steady increase in the number of patients needing such care over the years.

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Tree Plantation Program

From last five year SAI PARIVAR VISHWA SEVA SANSTHAN TRUST, initiated tree plantation campaign in Jamshedpur rural areas. The campaign got huge response from beneficiary farmer. Thousands of tree is planted on farmers waste land so far. Many farmer were changed their lives by planting tree on their waste land.In roral areas farmer having own land but very few land used for agriculture cultivation and depending upon only on rainy season.They used few land for agriculture purpose because mostly is a up land .Hence farmer obtain very few income from agriculture so they migrate toward urban area with family to getting more income .

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Blood Donation Camp

In SAI PARIVAR VISHWA SEVA SANSTHAN TRUST, Blood Donation Camps are being organized regularly especially in rural areas & educational institutions to create awareness among children & masses in rural areas and to promote voluntary blood donation.

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